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    • Aries
      The day will favor desired results that will help further your interests. New opportunities will open up by means of travel. You need to make the best out of these opportunities.You will be seen very busy with your work. There may be travel related to your job. You may gain money after initial struggle. There are also chances for you to gain money from overs […]
    • Taurus
      You will find the day to yield beneficial results. You will be seen prudent and sharp in overcoming the tough situations with relative ease. Your confidence will enable you to achieve success easily.You will be able to complete your tasks assigned for the day within the stipulated time. You will be highly organized in carrying out your work and this will hel […]
    • Gemini
      You may not find the day to be a favorable one. This day denotes that you need to have better planning to witness success in your favor. Luck may not be possible for the day.Your colleagues may gain an upper hand and grow well at work place. This may cause much concern to you. You will be able to witness neither profit nor loss for the day. It will be pruden […]
    • Cancer
      The day may not favor accomplishment of goals. Despite taking measures to learn new ways to achieve, you will lack the drive to carry them out effectively. Maintain patience to see better results. You may not find the day favorable at work front. Pending of tasks may cause worries for you. There may be a slowdown in your work.Monetary fortunes will not favor […]
    • Leo
      You will be able to win the confidence of your friends and acquaintances. You will be able to please your friends through your skillful and intelligent way of communication. Your performance will get the due acclaim it deserves from your superiors. There will be a unique way used to derive success in your performance. Your potential to earn will be more for […]
    • Virgo
      You will find the day to be a pleasant one. You can utilize the day to enter into major ventures that will prove to be highly productive. You will be seen in a positive frame of mind.You will find it easy to complete your tasks on time. There will be good support from your colleagues and you will also be able to earn the good will of your superiors.Good mone […]
    • Libra
      The day will not favor expected results. You will be seen overwhelmed with feelings of hypersensitivity. This will make you take even light things in a serious manner. It will be good to devote time in spiritual practices to make you feel better from within.There may be job pressure seen for the day. Chances of minor quarrels to surface with your colleagues […]
    • Scorpio
      The day will present situations where you may be seen to lose certain comforts. You need to use your presence of mind to achieve success. Travel related to spiritual matters will give relief and satisfaction.You will not be able to gain happiness with respect to your work. In spite of completing work on time, you will find some errors in your work.Monetary p […]
    • Sagittarius
      You will find the day to be favorable. You will be able to fulfill your objectives with least efforts. You will establish new contacts and participate in social gatherings. This is the day suitable to take useful decisions.You will find your work to be very easy to finish on time. You will be in a position to handle even complex tasks with relative ease. You […]
    • Capricorn
      The day will not favor desired results. You may be seen troubled with feelings of loneliness. You need to avoid such thoughts and be friendly in your dealings to see better outcomes.Work front will fail to yield productive results. You may look for a change in job that will suit your needs. You may incur sudden unwanted expenses for the day. This may cause b […]


Lord Ganesha, the chief God for Knowledge and Wisdom, is the overlord of planet Ketu, which is known as the first planet and some say it is the most powerful planet among all the nine planets. Ketu governs wisdom or ‘Jnana.’

Wisdom comes with proper understanding of your experiences and not simply the accumulation of knowledge. Errors in the course of action could be wasted by dwelling on them, but wisdom is learning the lesson in the mistake. Ketu gives you this wisdom and helps you to work through your karmas intelligently.

By examining where Ketu is placed in your chart, you can gain helpful insight as to which areas of your life will undergo more difficulties that lead to wisdom in this lifetime. Lord Ganesha is the deity who can control Ketu. You can accelerate your obstacle removing-to-wisdom transformation by targeting this area controlled by Ketu and praying to Lord Ganesha for help. The below chart gives you the general indications where Ganesha can help you the most:

Ketu in House Life Obstacles Leading to Wisdom
1 Bad Attitudes, Personality Development
2 Money
3 Working with Subordinates and Juniors
4 Mother, Fixed Material Assets (Home, Car)
5 Risk Taking, Romance, Hobbies, Speculation
6 Health, Lessons from Enemies, Debts, Competition
7 Relationships and Partners
8 Mystical experiences, Delays, Sexual Experience
9 Father, Guru, Luck, Long Journeys, Pilgrimage
10 Career, Honor
11 Friends, Social Activities, Fulfilment of Desires, Gains
12 Foreign Journeys, Separations, Expenditures, Enlightenment

By focusing on these areas of your life this Ganesha Chaturthi, you will precisely target and obliterate problems in these areas caused by Ketu.

Once Ganesha wanted to know what to sacrifice
The Greatest Lord Shiva, Ganesha’s father, recommended that Ganesha should go and find the most powerful being as possible and sacrifice him. As Shiva is the ultimate, Ganesha asked if He could sacrifice Him! Shiva manifested a coconut out of thin air and instructed that the coconut would be used to represent Him. Shiva is the ultimate sacrifice so sacrificing a coconut is the ultimate sacrifice. Coconut Smashing is a spiritual technology to smash your obstacles.

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