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    • Aries
      The day will favour progress and chances to exhibit your skills in your chosen initiatives. It will be an ideal day to take major decisions.You will be able to handle your work efficiently. There are favourable chances for you to gain new job offers. You will receive suitable recognition for your efforts.Money inflow will yield good satisfaction. Your bank b […]
    • Taurus
      The day will see you in a dissatisfied and confused state of mind. This will render taking suitable decisions that will further interests impossible. Involving yourself in meditation will prove to be beneficial.Excess job pressure will be seen for the day. Timely completion of work will be possible if you plan your work. Shortage of money will cause great co […]
    • Gemini
      It will not be a favourable day to have smooth results. As it will not be an encouraging day, you can spend time by undertaking travel related to spiritual purposes. This will help you find relief and solace.Your work will be monotonous for the day. You need to bear additional responsibilities with respect to work. However, you will fail to get recognition a […]
    • Cancer
      It will be a profit yielding day. You will gain good support from your close friends. You will also be able to meet new persons. You will gain recognition from your superiors who will appreciate your work. Your skills will be highly appreciated. You will be able to show your talents in your work.Money gains will be enjoyed for the day. There will also be cha […]
    • Leo
      The day will see you with less confidence and in poor spirits. Such a mental state will not help in your progress. You will also succumb to feelings of isolation. The decisions taken for the day may go against your favour.You will face delays in carrying out your work. It will be wise for you to plan your work in a systematic manner.Your monetary returns wil […]
    • Virgo
      The day will see you with stress and a disturbed state of mind. However, by avoiding to get emotional and maintaining a cool approach, you can expect better results. You need to relax to handle stress by listening to divine music that can give you relief. Avoid taking major decisions.Stress in job will be present. You may not be able to maintain good relatio […]
    • Libra
      It will be a day with busy activities. You will be seen with optimism. You can take major decisions that will decide the future course of action.Job front will be smooth yielding progressive results in work. This will fill you with utmost satisfaction.Monetary gains will be enjoyed. There are chances for you to save more money and make yourself secure and co […]
    • Scorpio
      The day will see you filled with optimism. You will see fruitful results for the efforts put in. It will be an ideal day to take decisions.Work front will be stable. By means of applying your intelligence in your initiatives, you will be able to enhance your reputation. Monetary gains will be enjoyed. You will be lucky to have sufficient funds and enjoy a co […]
    • Sagittarius
      The day will favour you to enjoy the top notch position with unexpected gains. This will give you happiness and satisfaction. Arrival of visitors will bring cheer to you.Work front will be pleasant with exciting opportunities around. Overall, you will enjoy your work. Luck will favour you to enjoy more monetary benefits. You will be in a position to save mon […]
    • Capricorn
      The day will see you in a worrisome state. However, you need to keep cool as you may get provoked easily. By listening to soothing music you can get relief.Work front will pose you with stressful situations. You may not find time to relax. It will be good to plan and carry out your work schedule in a systematic manner.You may be induced to spend towards hous […]


Lord Ganesha, the chief God for Knowledge and Wisdom, is the overlord of planet Ketu, which is known as the first planet and some say it is the most powerful planet among all the nine planets. Ketu governs wisdom or ‘Jnana.’

Wisdom comes with proper understanding of your experiences and not simply the accumulation of knowledge. Errors in the course of action could be wasted by dwelling on them, but wisdom is learning the lesson in the mistake. Ketu gives you this wisdom and helps you to work through your karmas intelligently.

By examining where Ketu is placed in your chart, you can gain helpful insight as to which areas of your life will undergo more difficulties that lead to wisdom in this lifetime. Lord Ganesha is the deity who can control Ketu. You can accelerate your obstacle removing-to-wisdom transformation by targeting this area controlled by Ketu and praying to Lord Ganesha for help. The below chart gives you the general indications where Ganesha can help you the most:

Ketu in House Life Obstacles Leading to Wisdom
1 Bad Attitudes, Personality Development
2 Money
3 Working with Subordinates and Juniors
4 Mother, Fixed Material Assets (Home, Car)
5 Risk Taking, Romance, Hobbies, Speculation
6 Health, Lessons from Enemies, Debts, Competition
7 Relationships and Partners
8 Mystical experiences, Delays, Sexual Experience
9 Father, Guru, Luck, Long Journeys, Pilgrimage
10 Career, Honor
11 Friends, Social Activities, Fulfilment of Desires, Gains
12 Foreign Journeys, Separations, Expenditures, Enlightenment

By focusing on these areas of your life this Ganesha Chaturthi, you will precisely target and obliterate problems in these areas caused by Ketu.

Once Ganesha wanted to know what to sacrifice
The Greatest Lord Shiva, Ganesha’s father, recommended that Ganesha should go and find the most powerful being as possible and sacrifice him. As Shiva is the ultimate, Ganesha asked if He could sacrifice Him! Shiva manifested a coconut out of thin air and instructed that the coconut would be used to represent Him. Shiva is the ultimate sacrifice so sacrificing a coconut is the ultimate sacrifice. Coconut Smashing is a spiritual technology to smash your obstacles.

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