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    • Aries
      The day will pose stressful situations. You may need to relax yourself by listening to music. To overcome problems, stay away from arguments and try to be friendly in your approach.You are likely to commit errors while doing work. With concentration, you will be able to perform better. Money loss will be possible for the day. Unavoidable expenditure will be […]
    • Taurus
      The day requires you to curb your anxiety and insecure feelings. Avoid thinking in a negative way. Think positively and that will help you see favorable results.You need to carry out your work with a determined attitude. By doing this, you will be able to overcome the hurdles in executing your work.Money gains will not be possible for the day. You need to sh […]
    • Gemini
      The day will present successful results owing to your hard efforts. Through means of intelligence, you will be able to overcome all the hurdles. You will beam with self-confidence due to your progress. You will have chances of travel with respect to your job. This travel will prove to be beneficial to you. You will be able to exhibit your skills in your work […]
    • Cancer
      The day will be a good one. There may be chances of unexpected gains which will be possible for the day. By your presence of mind, you will be able to come out with success in your endeavors.Your work quality will be appreciated by your superiors. You will be quick to finish your tasks.Sufficiency of money will be seen. You will have chances of earning by me […]
    • Leo
      The day will see you with feelings of insecurity. However, you need to be patient and determined in your approach. Plan your activities well in advance and this is most required for the day. There are chances to lose basic comforts for the day. Work front will pose challenging situations. There will be excess work pressure seen. You need to plan the day well […]
    • Virgo
      The day will present disappointing situations and this may cause worries to you. You will fail to carry out your activities effectively. Unfinished activities will be seen. This requires a lot of planning to do. You will not be able to complete your work on time. This will be due to challenges faced in your work. You will lose interest in your work.Insuffici […]
    • Libra
      The day will favor chances of good fortune. You can make use of the day to take major decisions. There will be increase in confidence levels seen. You will be able to progress very well in your work. Your skills will be appreciated by your superiors. Your optimism will help you reach heights.You will witness money gains. There will give you deep satisfaction […]
    • Scorpio
      You will find the day to yield beneficial results. You will win many new friends and associates. You will realize the value of kinship and understand the ways of people. You can pursue major decisions for the day.Work front will yield smooth results. You will utilize your maximum potential to derive the best results from your work.You will be in a position t […]
    • Sagittarius
      The day requires you to be patient in handling all the affairs. By engaging in amusements and participating in musicals, theme shows, you can expect good results.You will face struggles in carrying out your work. There may be problems faced with your sub-ordinates.Insufficiency of money will be seen for the day. You may have to shoulder unwanted expenses and […]
    • Capricorn
      Not much can be expected from the day. You need to rely on clarity of mind to carry out your activities efficiently. You also need to be careful during conversation with others to avoid bad results. You will face disappointments or hurdles in discharging your duties effectively. Communication with your colleagues will not be smooth. You will find it hard to […]


Lord Ganesha, the chief God for Knowledge and Wisdom, is the overlord of planet Ketu, which is known as the first planet and some say it is the most powerful planet among all the nine planets. Ketu governs wisdom or ‘Jnana.’

Wisdom comes with proper understanding of your experiences and not simply the accumulation of knowledge. Errors in the course of action could be wasted by dwelling on them, but wisdom is learning the lesson in the mistake. Ketu gives you this wisdom and helps you to work through your karmas intelligently.

By examining where Ketu is placed in your chart, you can gain helpful insight as to which areas of your life will undergo more difficulties that lead to wisdom in this lifetime. Lord Ganesha is the deity who can control Ketu. You can accelerate your obstacle removing-to-wisdom transformation by targeting this area controlled by Ketu and praying to Lord Ganesha for help. The below chart gives you the general indications where Ganesha can help you the most:

Ketu in House Life Obstacles Leading to Wisdom
1 Bad Attitudes, Personality Development
2 Money
3 Working with Subordinates and Juniors
4 Mother, Fixed Material Assets (Home, Car)
5 Risk Taking, Romance, Hobbies, Speculation
6 Health, Lessons from Enemies, Debts, Competition
7 Relationships and Partners
8 Mystical experiences, Delays, Sexual Experience
9 Father, Guru, Luck, Long Journeys, Pilgrimage
10 Career, Honor
11 Friends, Social Activities, Fulfilment of Desires, Gains
12 Foreign Journeys, Separations, Expenditures, Enlightenment

By focusing on these areas of your life this Ganesha Chaturthi, you will precisely target and obliterate problems in these areas caused by Ketu.

Once Ganesha wanted to know what to sacrifice
The Greatest Lord Shiva, Ganesha’s father, recommended that Ganesha should go and find the most powerful being as possible and sacrifice him. As Shiva is the ultimate, Ganesha asked if He could sacrifice Him! Shiva manifested a coconut out of thin air and instructed that the coconut would be used to represent Him. Shiva is the ultimate sacrifice so sacrificing a coconut is the ultimate sacrifice. Coconut Smashing is a spiritual technology to smash your obstacles.

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