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    • Aries
      You can achieve success by means of skillful communication.You can derive positive results by involving in practices of reciting mantras and listening to spiritual discourses. You will achieve good results from your work. You will be able to gain support from your higher ups by means of your hard work. You will be comfortable with the money that you have. Yo […]
    • Taurus
      You may need to keep yourself more relaxed. But the situation may not be conducive to enjoy peace due to stress factor. You may lack stability in handling your job efficiently. Colleagues will not be co-operative with you and you will not get the due recognition from your superiors. Money earned will be spent to meet the expenses. You may find it difficult t […]
    • Gemini
      There will not be much activity for the day.You must be alert in doing things for the day. Do some careful planning which is more required for the day. You will find some difficulty in handling your job for the day. You are likely to commit some errors. There are possible chances for losing money. So you need to be careful while handling the same.You may hav […]
    • Cancer
      The day will be a favorable one. You will be able to secure a lot of extra benefits.You can plan well ahead to pursue major decisions. You will be able to achieve progress in your work.You will be able to gain appreciation from your superiors.Plenty of money will be available for the day. You will be able to spend the same in a useful manner.You will be very […]
    • Leo
      It will be a day with a lot of expenditure involved.You may need to be clear and attentive while carrying out things. You must also be careful over the words you utter.There may be some disappointments or hurdles in discharging your work efficiently.Communication with your colleagues may not be cordial. You will incur a lot of expenditure which you may not b […]
    • Virgo
      This is the day where you have to use your intelligence in doing your work. Be relaxed and avoid frustrations. You need to be more tactful in your approach. Job pressure may be possible for the day.You may need to plan a lot to carry out your work in a proper manner. Shortage of funds will be present.You may not be able to meet your financial commitments for […]
    • Libra
      You need to possess an open mind and take things lightly. Adjusting attitude is essential for the day. A flexible approach will help you to meet with success in your endeavors. You will be facing some unpleasant situations in your work. There needs to be more planning in carrying out your work efficiently. Rise in expenditure will bother you for the day. The […]
    • Scorpio
      You will find good chances of luck to favor you for the day.You will be able to make even tough tasks appear easy for you. Taking major decisions will be good for the day.Your plans will materialize well for the day with respect to your work. You will be able to perform better than your colleagues.You will be very comfortable with your finances. There will b […]
    • Sagittarius
      The day is said to be a favorable one. You may be busy with much activity around you for the day. Enhancing your level of intelligence will benefit you.You may need to use your hidden skills to perform well in your tasks. This will be very useful in carrying out your work and may give you ultimate satisfaction.Financial progress will be good enough to meet y […]
    • Capricorn
      It will be good for you to be more cheerful and energetic and this is most essential for the day. Perform without expecting returns and ultimately success will be yours.You will not find a good atmosphere with respect to your work. There may be job pressure for you and due to this you may not be able to carry out your work efficiently.You will find it diffic […]


Pradosham Ritual to Reduce Your Sorrow and Karma
The time duration of 1 1/2 hours during the end of the day and beginning of the night is the Pradosham time. Pradosham means the removal of sins. Pradosham occurs monthly during the 13th phase of the Moon (waxing or waning) Poojas during the Pradosham time is performed to the Lord of Sin Removal, Siva. Planet Saturn, the Lord of Karma, has power which can transform kings to a pauper and vice versa. Saturn is also an evolving form of Lord Siva himself. Pradosham days which occur on Saturday, during the Tamil month of Iypasi (Oct. 15th – Nov 15th) are considered the most powerful Karma removing days of all Pradoshams.

For the year 2009 the last 2 Prasohsam on Saturday fall on October 31st and November 14th in India. These are only two remaining Sani (Saturn) Pradosham days for the year. This is a great time to erase the trials of 2009 and begin anew.

Significance of Abishekam with the following materials

Abhishekam Material Effects
Abhishekam with Panchamrutam Gives unlimited wealth
Abhishekam with Rice Powder Frees from debts
Abhishekam with Sandal Paste Gives Lakshmi’s Grace
Abhishekam with Sugar Removes enmity
Abhishekam with tender Coconut Water Gives enjoyment and full satisfaction in life
Abhishekam with Cooked Rice Gives Majestic life
Abhishekam with Milk Provides long life
Abhishekam with Curd Gives Good Children
Abhishekam with Honey Melodious voice
Abhishekam with Sugarcane juice Gives good health and removes enmity

click here to perform Pradosham Abishekam

Saturn Planetary Incense is Here!
Lighting one Saturn Incense stick is equivalent to performing a planetary homa. Each stick is made with herbs that are sacred to the planet Saturn. Make this incense part of your daily Karma removal program and obtain Saturn’s Blessings.

Hematite Mala
Hematite said to possess good healing powers it is also known as good and grounding stone, it strengthens the body and improve resistance to life’s stresses. Hematite inspires a person to focus inwardly and helps to maintain peace of mind. Specification 108 beads strung in thread Aprox weight of the mala is 25 grams.

Pradosham Lamp
It is very auspicious to light this lamp during the twilight (Pradosham) time. The power of mantras increases many folds by chanting in front of a lighted lamp. Dimension of the product Height 5.5 inches. Length 4 inches Width 3.5 inches.

Written Mantras
Mantras has the ability to transform lives of people tremendously. It is proven fact that mantras can help a person to achieve whatever he is desirous of. Dattatreaya Siva Baba recommends that it is important not only to chant the mantra but also to write mantras. Astroved helps individuals by providing this noble service of mantra writing to overcome limitations one is facing with.

Note: Saturn Incense begins shipping on November 1st . Please allow 7 to 10 days for delivery.

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2 Responses

  1. Dear sir,

    My daughter’s dob:13-08-1990

    Time of birth:9.05am
    Place of birth:chennai
    Differet statement from astrologers. can you
    comment she has naga dosha &continious probs
    due to this. What is the parihar.Pl. advice.


  2. Dear Sir,

    My date of birth 29 Dec 1984, time of birth 5.30am. I was told that I have sevai dhosam and naga dhosam as well. Plz give me some comment on when will be marriage and having problem in my career.

    Thank you.

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